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You probably rely on the internet or an intranet system for everyday functions as a company. You probably also use internet-enabled peripherals like a printer, router, or modem, and devices like voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phones, televisions (TVs), closed caption television (CCTV), and credit card machines too. An ethernet cable connection is what transmits data from one device to another. The ethernet cable installation services our Greensboro-based Triad Network Systems offers are key to keeping these different systems functioning optimally so your business operates seamlessly.

Why Professional Ethernet Cable Installation Is Critical

The integrity of your computer network connections matter. How well mapped out your network is, how well it was installed and configured, and infrastructure management is all complex and critical factors. 

One mistake in network planning or setup an inexperienced installer regularly makes is putting the line too close to sources of electromagnetic interference. Some examples are installing the line too close to overhead lights or a power line. An electromagnetic conductor like this can adversely impact the strength of an internet signal at your Piedmont Triad business and thus page load or data transmission speed can cause connection interference on a VoIP phone line.

Types of Companies That Install Ethernet Cable

A search for ethernet wiring services near me in Greensboro, NC, probably is what led you to our website here at Triad Network Systems. While you may not have initially been completely clear about your need for ethernet installation services, it's likely clearer now that you've read information about applicability earlier on this page.

A variety of public or private companies, including the following, use ethernet connections to ensure reliable access to the internet and the overall functioning of their intranet and other network devices:

  • Hospitals
  • Research and development firms
  • Schools and colleges
  • Police departments
  • Logistics operations
  • Airlines and bus carriers
  • County or city governments
  • Financial firms

The above-referenced entities rely on accessing and disseminating data in real-time, whether over the internet or through their intranet, which is an in-house computer network through which an organization can communicate, facilitate collaboration, and exchange information while excluding exterior parties. 

Ethernet Cabling

Ethernet Cable Installation Services Offered at Triad Network Systems

The most popular ethernet connection our customers opt to go with for their local area network (LAN) is the registered jack (RJ) 45. RJ45 connectors are a type of data cable that allows companies to connect various devices via a LAN network or router. LAN connections can be wired using the RJ45 cable or connected to wireless networks. 

Uses of Different Ethernet Cable Categories

Ethernet networking cables come in different categories (cat). Those types of cables include:

  • CAT5 Cable: This twisted pair cable is ideal for computer, phone, and video networks due to its capacity to perform at as much as 100 MHz.
  • CAT5e Cable: This enhanced type of CAT 5 cable can support an ethernet gigabit network speed of as much as 1000 Mbps. Any devices connected using this CAT 5e networking cable, including routers or switches, should have the bandwidth necessary to support these data speeds to warrant using this ethernet cabling.
  • CAT6 Cable: This network cable has a four copper wire connection that fuels data transfers. This type of ethernet cable is best suited for computer networks that reach 1000 Mbps, a Gb, or one Gbps or higher of data transfer speed (DTR). 
  • CAT6a Cable: CAT 6a, an augmented ethernet cable, supports data transfer rates as high as 10 Gbps, provided their maximum bandwidth doesn't exceed 500MHz.
  • CAT 7 Cable: This is a relatively new type of ethernet network cabling that features a pair-sharing network cable that supports connection speeds as fast as 10Gbps at 1000Mhz. This data cabling is capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously.

There’s even a CAT 8 that was recently introduced on the market. In the case of all the ethernet cable types mentioned above, connecting your internet-enabled device, such as a TV or computer, into one of these frees up significant bandwidth for devices exclusively used via wireless access on your connection, including laptops, phones, and tablets. Understanding the subtleties between these different CAT cables can be challenging. That’s when our experienced IT techs at Triad Network Systems can help you make sense of it all, so you get the best possible functionality out of your investment. 

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Ethernet Cable Connection Extensions

There are various scenarios where you may need to extend your company's ethernet cable connection. You can count on our team at Triad Network Solutions to help with this need. Prospective clients who search for companies that install ethernet cable in Greensboro, NC, often contact us to install:

  • Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) ethernet extenders: Doing this can grow the distance of the connection by as much as 1.5 miles
  • A wireless ethernet extension: Installing this can extend a wireless connection for up to three miles

Why You Should Let Us Handle Your Ethernet Cable Installation Services

When you searched for ethernet wiring services near me in Greensboro, you likely came across a handful of companies that offer similar services to Triad Network Systems. It's unlikely that you found many companies that bring more network installation experience than our technicians have. 

Just look around our website, and you'll see some of the big-name companies we've provided services for here in Greensboro and throughout the Triad area of North Carolina, including High Point and Winston-Salem, during our over 13 years in business. You'll also see testimonials posted by many customers we've delighted with our quick, attentive, and competent service. 

Whether your Greensboro-area company is looking to install a new ethernet network or extend or upgrade an existing one, we have the skill set to help you achieve your objectives. Contact us today to discuss your ethernet cable installation needs and how our team at Triad Network Systems can help you achieve them. One call or email is all that stands between you and a faster, more reliable internet connection.