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Cloud Backup Services In Greensboro, NC

With the almost complete dependence on electronic data files, protecting your business’s and client’s important, confidential information should be at the top of every company's priority list. At Triad Network Systems, we offer secure cloud-based backup solutions for local small businesses all the way to large corporations to make sure your vital information gets the protection it deserves. Using enterprise-grade continuous data protection and recovery systems, we can recover lost data fast, minimize downtime.

Ensure Your Data Is Protected with Secure Cloud Backup

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What Is “Cloud Backup”?

Cloud backup services often get confused with cloud storage. As the name implies, cloud storage is specifically for storing your data and allows you to access them from multiple locations making it easy to share your files. An easy method to identify a cloud storage service is the option to sync your downloads to the storage provider (for example, Dropbox). Cloud backup allows you to upload copies of your files, which are then encrypted to provide a secure version of the files. If the original data files are lost or damaged, data backed-up in the cloud can serve as a secure way to restore files and information recovery in case of a disaster. This is the main objective of cloud backup and recovery.

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What You Get With Our Data Backup Solutions

As a local Cloud Backup Service, Triad Network Systems has the data centers and storage space to ensure that small businesses in Greensboro and High Point do not need to manage their own.  Not all backup solutions are created equally, and it is best to safeguard your data and files with a company that safeguards your files with redundant protection. When you choose Triad Network Services as your cloud backup provider, you can expect the following:

  • Constant Monitoring - With 24/7 monitoring, our backup software will keep tabs on your important data all hours of the day. Our program automatically runs in the background without you even noticing.
  • Multiple Redundancy - We will store your files on multiple servers to provide maximum protection along with automatic, continuous backups.
  • Advanced Encryption - All file transfers are set up with an encryption key before the data is sent offsite for added security.
  • Instant Disaster-Recovery - If you lose data, we can restore your files within minutes of being notified of the incident.
  • Customizable File Retention - We understand that you may not need to keep every file on a permanent basis. Our services allow you to choose how long we retain deleted files. 
  • Minimized Downtime - The purpose of our cloud backup solution is to ensure your data is available when you need it. With our quick recovery times, you can be back up and running in no time. 
  • Compliancy -  Our team is dedicated to meeting all data protection regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA.
  • Scalable - Our cloud backup is designed to grow with you. We don’t want you to have to worry about large additional costs because your company is successful and requires more storage. 
  • Affordable Storage - Triad Network Systems services local businesses in the Greensboro and High Point area. We take pride in keeping our cloud backup services affordable for everyone, no matter your storage requirements.
  • User-friendly - Our team has designed the cloud backup dashboard to be extremely user-friendly and accessible, It will take your staff less time to learn how to use the program.

Peace Of Mind Guaranteed

You and your staff will be able to rest easy knowing that your data is safe with us. Data loss can occur for many reasons, not just from a cyber attack. Other ways data loss can occur include natural disasters such as water damage to the internal or external hard drive or server, human error, electrical surges, fire damage, and computer viruses. Our team is dedicated to keeping your business data securely protected and providing the best service possible. 

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to help your small business or corporate organization bounce back from any data loss worst-case scenarios. Contact us today and request a free quote to get started. One of the first steps in the process is getting to know your data needs and working together to design the best backup strategy for you!