Hybrid Cloud Servers High Point

Pick from the best of both worlds

What is a "Hybrid Cloud Server?"

A Hybrid Cloud solution is a cloud computing environment in which a company manages some computing resources privately and also has others hosted privately or collocated in a datacenter. The Hybrid Cloud approach allows an organization to take advantage of cost effective and scalable public cloud offerings without exposing critical internal applications and databases to third party vulnerabilities by keeping those systems in a private cloud environment.

Why Choose Hybrid Cloud?

Our Hybrid Cloud is a cloud solution that combines and maximizes the best of cloud hosting, on-premise servers and colocation for businesses throughout the Triad.

You have the flexibility to build a secure and scalable cloud infrastructure using a combination of cloud and colocated servers connected via a private dedicated network, to give complete control of your application infrastructure.

The end result is a more versatile environment. Our cloud hosting engineers will design a hybrid cloud solution for your business.

The hybrid cloud is the combination of a public cloud provider with a private cloud platform — one that’s designed for use by a single organization. The hybrid cloud communicates through the network over an encrypted connection, with all servers operating independently from each other.This allows for cloud bursting to be offloaded to the public cloud, while PCI, SOX & HIPAA sensitive tasks happen in the private cloud – all in a budget-friendly environment.