Managed Anti-Virus Services in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High-Point, Kernersville, Burlington, Lexington and more..

Virus infections, malware attacks or a hacker can easily gain access to your computer network if it isn’t properly secured and maintained. Many unmanaged computer systems have outdated patches, antivirus software that’s not up to date, and unmonitored firewalls.

Managed Anti-Virus Services

Is your current anti-virus software working?Managed Antivirus Software Ensures Protection!

TNS Managed Anti-Virus What is Managed Anti-Virus?
Unlike standard unmanaged anti-virus software that end-user can disable, uninstall or choose not to update, managed anti-virus is fully controlled by an agent. It can’t be uninstalled or disabled without a password. Updates are downloaded and applied automatically. The IT department can manage it all centrally, to their hearts’ content.
Managed Anti-Virus will notify us as soon as an issue is detected. This allows us to act fast and prevent virus from spreading to your other machines. When a product is obviously superior, the first thing you do is look for the catch. Manage antivirus packages have no real downside. Sure, they are not free, but the cost is minimal, and the benefits enormous.

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Our engineering team will meet with your business decision makers to learn more about your business operations.  Once we learn about your business and your company, TNS will provide proposal and explain all the managed anti-virus benefits.
We allow you to off-load all of the management required, by leaving the installation, configuration, and monitoring of anti-virus and anti-spyware software to us. We remove any previous instances of anti-virus software within the enterprise, replacing it with an enterprise solution.
The solution is monitored through TNS’s Network Operation Center to ensure all devices (on or off the corporate network) have the most current versions and definitions in place to successfully stop threats before they materialize.

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Here are some of the most common Managed Anti-Virus benefits:

  • Monthly Fee Per License
  • Password Protected
  • Automatic Updates
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Centrally Managed
  • Minimal Impact to Machine Resources
  • Fully Protected