Free Network Assessment in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High-Point, Kernersville, Burlington, Lexington and more…

TNS offers companies like yours a FREE network assessment, featuring our remote monitoring and maintenance service. We will find and eliminate potentially hazardous issues before they become serious problems.

Free Network Assessment

Assess and Understand Your IT Environment,FREE!NO-RISK Network Assessment for Problem Prevention!

When Should You Consider Investing in a Network Assessment?

Your network environment clearly needs to be evaluated when you experience obvious symptoms, such as :

  • Instability issues you can’t track down yourself;
  • Extremely slow performance, also called Network Latency
  • Servers and computer systems crashing
  • Network router, firewall, and switch failures
  • The inability to print, share files, receive email, or otherwise communicate within or outside the company

At the same time, your network may be free of these symptoms, but it could have legacy design faults or it could be subject to fundamental weaknesses, of which you are totally unaware.

What Will Free Network Assessment Provide:

  • Consult key players in your organization to determine what you want to accomplish with your technology
  • Examine existing server and network infrastructure to determine its ability to deliver what you need
  • Examine the security and backup of your network and devices
  • Examine desktops, laptops and peripherals to determine its ability to deliver for your business
  • Explore available on-premise and cloud-based solutions to determine their viability for your unique situation
  • Examine software solutions to determine their fit in your organization
  • Examine the communication methods and workflows of your staff
  • Create a summary document with our findings
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Here are some of the most common FREE Network Assessment benefits:

  • Send a Technician To Your Location
  • Inspect Your Current Technology
  • Catalog Existing Hardware/Software
  • Analyze Network Infrastructure
  • Evaluate Existing Backup and Recovery Plans
  • Examine Virus Protection
  • Determine Technology Concerns
  • Look for IT Savings
  • Help Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Downtime