TNS Cloud Services - Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop

Never buy a PC or server again. Reduce your total cost of ownership. We provide all software, hardware, email, and maintenance…

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TNS Cloud Services - Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A dedicated server just for your company in one of our data center racks. You never have to worry about buying or maintaining another server…

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TNS Cloud Services - Hosting and Colocation

Hosting & Co-Location

You already have a server but want to put in cloud? We will host your server(s) in secure data center with redundant internet and power connections…

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TNS Cloud Services - Email Hosting

Managed Anti-Spam

Email is not just a communication tool, it’s a business record. Protect your records with managed anti-spam. Scan your emails before they ever reach your network…

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TNS Managed Anti-Spam

Email Hosting

A pay-as-you-go subscription model that offers large mailboxes. There is no new hardware or software needed. Access from any device…

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TNS Managed AV

Managed Anti-Virus

Low-cost solution that protects your computers and your data. Pay only for licenses that you need. Managed AV sends out alerts as soon as issue is detected…

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